FAQ the cost of the curtain and roller blind motorisation expensive?
A. No, you do need to break the bank to do so. In fact, they are not only affordable,but also they are much better quality and more advanced than before,and very easy to DIY. You could just spend as little as $159.00 for the roller blind tubular motor and around $280.00 for the motorised curtains,we have a large range of products to choice. As you can see, the cost of motorized curtains and roller blinds depends on a number of interrelated factors including the type of motor you select, your window treatments, and how many windows you plan to be motorised. However, whether your budget is small or the sky's the limit, we’ll be able to find a solution that works for you if you are determined to integrate motorized curtains and roller blinds into your home. And when you do, you will begin to enjoy your home in a whole new, smart, connected way!...[more]

Q. Is it a difficult to retrofit my existing curtains and roller blinds to motorised ones by DIY?
A. Yes,it's quite easy to do so. For the curtains, you just need to install the curtain track to ceiling or the wall,attach the curtain motor,plug to the power point and then set up the handheld remote control according to the manual,that's it. For the roller blinds,firstly you need to remove the chain control from the existing blind's aluminium tube,sometimes for the larger size blind,you need to remove the spring-assisted mechanism as well,choose the right size and the right shape of the drive adapter, attach it to the motor, slide them into the tube,insert the limit switch head to the chain control end bracket (because the size of slot on your limit switch head is 10.5 mm,if the size of the key on your existing chain control end bracket is larger than 10.5 mm most likely is 12.5mm,then you will need to use the file to file and reduce the size of the key to 10.5 mm, please check the photo below) , put idler end to the idler end bracket,and then for the 25TE model: connect the power line to the power point or the permanent connection unit . For 25LE or 28LEQ model: it's easier, no wire nor electrician, but you need to fully charge the built-in lithium battery firstly before you first time to use it,and finally you just need to set up the handheld remote control.All done....[more]

Q. What is the quality of the motor you are selling? do the curtain motor and roller blind tubular motor have a warranty?
A. Yes, we provide 3 years warranty for the curtain motor and roller blind tubular motor. The manufacture of these motor is the global leading window automation manufacturer which is a joint venture with world most famous of curtain motor and roller blind tubular motor manufacturer-Somfy, Their products have obtained CE,VDE,TUV,UL,FDC.ROHS,CCC etc. international certificates to meet strict requirement of different countries.Each motor has obtained 100% strict quality test before leaving factory.They have obtained the TUV's authoritative ISO9001 system and ISO 14001 system,so we have a confidence to provide purchaser 3 year warranty for the motor....[more]

Q. What are the advantages of low voltage DC motor over regular AC motor?
A. You might be ware of most of the motor we are selling are DC motor, DC Motor have several advantages: -Lower cost overall,low power consumption; -DC Motor is allowed to work for longer time without thermal protection limit; -Quieter,noise level below 35 dB; -Many power source choices: regular AC ,battery,solar etc....[more]

Q. What are the different between the built-in lithium battery tubular motor with the other DC tubular motor?
A. Built-in lithium battery tubular motor (25LE and 28LEQ) doesn't need wiring nor the electrician, just need to plug in the charger when the Lithium battery needs to be charge, when the position of the roller blind is high and hard to reach, you need to choice the solar recharging panel. The built in Lithium battery has ability to be charged up to 500 times when fully charged every times, the fully charged battery can run up and down 150~600 times depending on you size and weight of the roller blinds, so for the average usage , it can last 3~6 months per charging. For DM25TE Model DC tubular motor, it has built-in transformer,it needs to be connect regular AC, if there is no power cable nearby, you might need a register electrician,then it's better to connect the motor via pre wire power cable....[more]

Q.What can I do if I have non standard other than 38mm aluminium roller blind tube?
A. All of the DC tubular motor come with one drive wheel adapter and one crown which can work the 38mm or 45mm aluminium blind tube, a lot of old roller blinds under 2.1m width used 38mm tube, so there is no problem,but if you have other than 38mm aluminium tube roller blind tube like 45mm or 46mm diameter , don't worry, we have several type of drive wheel adaptor and crown for 44-46mm aluminium tube, so you can send me enquiry form, send me the drawing or photos which show the interior shape of the tube, and let me know all necessarily figures after the actually measuring the tube ( inside diameter and outside diameter etc.), we will find out for you if we got the right drive wheel adaptor and crown to match your tube, if yes, then we will send you the right drive wheel adaptor and crown instead of 38mm type for free of charger. For those customer who order the roller blinds with us, there will be no problem at all, we will use the strong 45mm diameter aluminium tube for all of the roller blinds, so we will use 45mm drive wheel adaptor and crown instead of 38mm drive wheel and crown....[more]

Q. What are my payment options?
A. We provide two payment options: Online internet Banking or Direct Bank Deposit to our bank account and Cash Payment on Pickup. We don't accept the Credit Card....[more]

Q. Can I set up the handheld remote control easily?
A. Yes, you can, you just need to follow up the manual instruction to set up the remote control step by step. For curtain motor, you just need to pair the remote control with the motor and then the motor will set up the travel limits automatically by itself,for the tubular motor,you need to set the upper and lower limit positions or the third point position additionally,after finishing,then you can use the same channel to pair with another motor which would operate together in the same time or for the multi channel remote control,you can change another new channel to set up with another motor which could operate separately between the different motor and so on....[more]

Q, Can I voice control my motorised curtains and roller blinds?
Yes, you can. If you have both of Amazon Echo and Broadlink RM Pro Hub, then you just need to purchase and install the Broadlink RM tasker plugin app to your android smartphone or any other android device,then Amazon Echo integration this app acts as a bridge between your Amazon Echo & Broadlink devices and let you control supported Broadlink devices with your voice. It's very convenient particularly if you have many curtains and blinds which need to be control, you don't need to take remote control or smartphone and choose which channel ( curtain or Blind ) you want to control , you can voice control any curtain or blind directly. Updated: We have newest product called DD7002B WiFi bridge in stock now, it can control all of our built in receiver curtain motors includes iSW 72TV/W wifi curtain motor and tubular motors, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so you can voice control all of your motorised curtains and roller blinds through the " connector" App. Meanwhile as we mentioned in the news and blogs, all of our iSW built in receiver tubular motors and remotes are fully compatible with Trust Smart Home controller ICS-2000, so you can voice control them if you have the Trust Smart Home controller ICS-2000....[more]

Q. Can I have a long window covering or screen with this system?
A. Yes,you can choice the iSW 25LE-1.1/40 or 28LEQ-2.0/28 and solar recharging panel. Because they are DC tubular motor. they can work for longer time, don't need to worry about the thermal protection limit like AC motor,meanwhile they contain built-in Lithium no wiring nor an electrician to require,for those roller blinds have the longer size or in higher position and hard to reach, you just need to use the solar recharging panel to resolve the problems. iSW DC tubular motor has no limit of turns, the motors can be applied to super high occasion such as hotels, office lobbies, gymnasiums and conference centers etc., of course, they can be applied to home residential open void hall and lobby as well....[more]

Q. How long will my order take to be delivered?
A. For the custom built Motorised Curtain track , the manufacturing time will be within 5 working days, and for roller blind order, manufacturing time is approximately 10 working days. For the other order, we will despatch them within 2 working days after your payment clear. Delivery time to New Zealand nationwide is 1-3 working days depending on your location....[more]

Q. How much do you charge my shipping cost? will you provide the tracking number for my shipping? Shall I need to sign when delivered?
A. We charge $15.00 per set of the motorised curtains; $6.00 each for the tubular motor and IP camera and NVR etc; nationwide,these charges are less than the actual shipping cost in most of the case, we will provide the tracking number to you as soon as possible after dispatching,You are responsible for ensuring that an adult is at your parcel to address to receive and sign for your order on its scheduled delivery date .You may specify delivery instructions for an order (for example, you may authorise the delivery agent to leave the products in a specified location if you will not be at the delivery address), then we will not be responsible for any order that is delivered in accordance with your delivery instructions....[more]

Q. Do you provide the home installation of the motorised curtains and motorised roller blinds?
A. Yes, We do in Auckland region wide. We charge $60 for the first set of motorised curtains or motorised roller blinds, after that we charge $30 every set include the setting up the remote control, but please bear in mind,these price are base on normal size of motorised curtain tracks and roller blinds, for those U shape or L shape and extra longer length motorised curtain tracks or roller blinds, we will charge more. These offers are valid for the properties within the Auckland region only, as far north as Albany, as far south as Manukau, as far east as Howick, as far west as Henderson, we have small surcharge to cover the travelling allowance for Auckland rural area,but anyway. it's good valve which you can save the shipping fees....[more]

Q. What kind of the Home Automation Services do you provide?
A. We provide not only automation for your window curtains and roller blinds,but also design,plan and install your home multi zone audio and home theatre; ceiling and wall speakers installation;apple TV etc. home entertainment system; CCTV surveillance cameras; smart lighting systems ; Networking and other home automation services....[more]

Q. How do I measure the size of my motorised curtains?
A. We recommend the motorised curtains to cover the whole wall, if you choose to do so, then the width of the motorised curtain track would be the width of the wall deduct 2~4 cm; if you choose just to cover the window,then the width of the motorised curtain track would be the width of the window plus 60~80 cm for normal length of motorised curtain track, it depends on the width of your window. If your window or door is very wide, there are more runners used, in this case, you need to consider to add some more extra length of track, so the motorised curtain track can fully open. Because the motorised curtain is better to use the traditional pleated curtains , so the curtain fabric width is better to be 1.5~2 times of the motorised curtain track width depending on the thickness and the weight of the curtain fabric....[more]

Q. How do I measure the size of my motorised roller blinds?
A. There are two types of the mounting position for the roller blinds: 1) Recess ( inside mounting ): This is when you want your blind to fit inside the window recess. This is the most popular option and provides a polished finish; 2) Face ( outside mounting ): This is when you want your blind to hang outside the window recess. 3 simple steps to a RECESS measurement: For all types of blinds follow these instructions if you want your blind to hang inside the window recess: -Ensure there are no obstructions to the installation or operation your blinds. -Measure the width of the recess from window frame to frame in 3 places from the top;the middle to the bottom. Note down the shortest measurement. -Measure the drop by taking the measurement from the top of the recess to the window sill in 3 places from the left;the middle to the right. Note down the shortest measurement - this is the one we'll use. 3 simple steps to a FACE measurement: For all types of blinds follow these instructions if you want your blind to hang outside the window recess: - Measure the exact width (left to right) of the wooden or metal window frame or how wide you would like the blind to be. Make sure to measure wide enough as to cover the entire window and provide maximum light gap coverage. There is no rule on the width of blinds other than to make sure that it is wide enough to cover the opening,but Ideally, for aesthetic reasons,the width of roller blind should not be greater than the width of the window sill outside the recess. Note down the measurement. If your architrave is very narrow, you may want the blind to extend past the architrave. We suggest the blind should extend at least 50mm past the window edge both sides if you would like the blind back rolled, & 100mm past the edge both sides if it is front rolled, to reduce light entry. -Measure the exact drop from the top of where you want your blind to be to the bottom. Usually a 50mm overlap is sufficient. Note down the measurement....[more]

Q. How do I order a motorised roller blind?
A. In order to order a motorised roller blind, we need to know the size of roller blind, please follow the FAQ: How do I measure the size of my motorised roller blind? then you need to choose your prefer roller blind fabric and colour, we use SHAW Brand ( Australia Brand ) , they have very wide range of fabric to choose: EcoLibrium Sunscreen range; Vibe Blackout range ; Icon thermal Blackout range ; Skye range blackout and light filtering; Le Reve range blackout and light filtering; Mantra range blackout and light filtering; Balmoral range blackout and light filtering, you can go to ShAW website to choose your prefer colour. the link is : Meanwhile we need to know your roller blind is standard roll or reverse roll : With a standard roll, the fabric usually rolls back, very close to the window glass; the reverse roll means the fabric comes on out from the front of the roller,while the look is just not visible on the fabric. and we need to know the side of your prefer tubular motor mount-Right hand side or Left hand side; your prefer colour of bracket and bottom rails : White, black, ivory and grey or silver. That's all of what we need the information before you make the order....[more]

Q. How many hand held remote control do I need ?
A. You probably just need one, you can according to your requirement to choice single channel or multi channel remote control. the remote control's emission frequency : 433.90 MHz ,emission distance : 200m outdoor and 35m indoor,so we advise if your house is quite large 2 storied house and have many rooms,it's better use two remote control ( emitter) which you can use one for each lever, or more remote control for your convenience if you prefer....[more]

Q. I am going to use the AC powered tubular motors for the roller blinds in our new building home, how should the electrician pre wire the main AC power cable?
A. You can choose either left hand or right hand according to which side is easy to pre wire the power cable, you need one switch to control the power on or off (isolation) as well, this switch doesn't control the blind up or down, it's pure just for the isolation purpose . If you want to drill a hole on the window jamb, then the hole is better to close ( like 15mm ) to the window glass to avoid the position where the blind bracket will be installed, it can be 20mm~25mm down from the top, if the bracket is larger like for the dual roller blind one, then you need to be careful, it's better to drill a hole from the top, then it can be 30mm from the left or right hand side jamb,but sometimes it's difficult to drill a hole from the top. The size of the hole and the space behind of the hole should be big enough to push the power cable back to inside of the hole after electrician finish the connection, because the rated power and rating A of the AC powered tubular motor are quite small, so you can choose 1 mm2 or 0.75 mm2 cable to easily push the connecting cable back to hole....[more]

Q. Can I use my smartphone or tablet to control my motorised curtains or roller blinds remotely in the home or away from the home? or set up the timer or scene to control them?
A. Yes, you can use either Broadlink RM Pro IR+RF Universal Hub or our new product-WIFI Bridge , Broadlink RM Pro is good, But WIFI bridge is better, it's easy to connect, more functions, it can control all of our RF devices and integrated with Amazon Echo and IFTTT, and Google assistant (coming soon)....[more]

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