Q. What are the different between the built-in lithium battery tubular motor with the other DC tubular motor?

A. Built-in lithium battery tubular motor (25LE and 28LEQ) doesn't need wiring nor the electrician, just need to plug in the charger when the Lithium battery needs to be charge,when the position the roller blind is high and hard to reach,you need to choice the solar recharging panel.
The built in Lithium battery has ability to be charged up to 500 times when fully charged every times,the fully charged battery can run up and down 150~600 times depending on you size and weight of the roller blinds, so for the average usage ,it can last 3~6 months per charging.
For DM25TE Model DC tubular motor, it has built-in transformer,it needs to be connect regular AC,if there is no power point nearby, you might need a register electrician,then it's better to connect the motor to permanent connection unit.

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