Q, Can I voice control my motorised curtains and roller blinds?

Yes, you can. If you have both of Amazon Echo and Broadlink RM Pro Hub, then you just need to purchase and install the Broadlink RM tasker plugin app to your android smartphone or any other android device,then Amazon Echo integration this app acts as a bridge between your Amazon Echo & Broadlink devices and let you control supported Broadlink devices with your voice. It's very convenient particularly if you have many curtains and blinds which need to be control, you don't need to take remote control or smartphone and choose which channel ( curtain or Blind ) you want to control , you can voice control any curtain or blind directly.

Updated: We have newest product called DD7002B WiFi bridge in stock now, it can control all of our built in receiver curtain motors includes iSW 72TV/W wifi curtain motor and tubular motors, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so you can voice control all of your motorised curtains and roller blinds through the " connector" App.

Meanwhile as we mentioned in the news and blogs, all of our iSW built in receiver tubular motors and remotes are fully compatible with Trust Smart Home controller ICS-2000, so you can voice control them if you have the Trust Smart Home controller ICS-2000.

For those customer who order the motorised curtain track with iSW72TV/W WiFi curtain motor, you can directly use the App called- Connector, through the Connector App, you can link your account with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home account, so you can voice control the curtain via Amazon Alexa or Google Home directly without the DD7002B wifi bridge .

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