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  • • Motorised Curtains
    Motorised curtains add personality and convenience to any home. Unlike traditional, manually drawn curtains, motorised curtains use an operating system and motorised curtain tracks to give you full control of the degree of privacy and light you let into your room. Many homeowners or business owners opt for these motorized curtains systems because of their efficiency. They are quiet and make reaching up or pulling on heavy cables to adjust your drapes a thing of the past. The mechanics in the system provide a gentle and smooth operation that is impressive to watch. Motorised features increase the lifespan of your curtains, meanwhile it offer a seamless, convenient experience.
  • • Motorised Roller Blinds
    Motorised roller blinds, also can be referred to as automated blinds, are roller blinds with electric tubular motors that are controlled through an operating system. Motorised blinds are rapidly becoming the top choice for residential home owner , as well as offices and hotels, due to its seamless integration of form, function and convenience. Motorised blinds are part of a total smart home connectedness solution, which essentially means that the blinds can be controlled by a remote control device, via apps in your mobile device, or through voice recognition using Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Aesthetically, it frees your windows from unsightly chains that also pose as risks, especially to children.
  • • Vertical Blinds
    Our range of vertical blinds (Auckland-made) is manufactured to the highest standard from the same range of fabric as our roller blinds. They are mould and fire resistant, and they can be trimmed to any length for shade and privacy, yet retract on even the most angled of windows.
  • • Venetian Blinds
    Our range of Venetian blinds (Auckland-made) add contemporary style and natural warmth to your home, office or school. Enduringly popular and stylish, our product range comes in a choice of aluminium, Vision Wood® (painted timber effect) or wooden venetian blinds, depending on the ambience you are looking to create.
  • • Electronic Window Opener
    Electronic window opener system can open indoor window to ventilate and fresh air automatically and timely according to indoor and outdoor temperature and weather situation. In this way it keeps fresh air indoor and adjusts temperature. At the same time, it matched with fire alarm signal to open ventilation window when the fire happens, it also has the function of natural smoke extraction.
  • • Hand held or wall mounted Remote control and home automation Hub
    We supply several different kind of remote control to meet your different requirements, meanwhile we also supply you Broadlink home automation universal IR+RF control to let you control motorised curtains and roller blinds remotely anywhere in the world or with the timer by the smart phone or tablet.
  • • Window coverings automation control and accessories
    This window coverings automation control and accessories category contains the range of the switch, Dry contact in power emitter and all of relative accessories, Particularly included the different brands and different kinds ( AC and DC ) of New Zealand Frequency Z-Wave curtain and blind control modules to meet the customer Home Automation requirement.
  • • Smart Home Store
    We provide you some other Smart Home Devices,like Amazon Echo Alexa and Echo Dot; home entertainment Systems;CCTV systems;Network system Smart Lighting Systems and more.
  • • Z-Wave Products
    Z-Wave is a very efficient wireless home automation technology. The network devices communicate with each other enabling you to easily manage all aspects of your automated home. Your heating system, security systems and lights can all be controlled as and when you like. Z-Wave is also very versatile, there are a huge range of devices available that can meet any needs you may have, and you can make your system as small or as large as you like. There are over 2400 interoperable Z-Wave products throughout the world, and over 94 million Z-Wave products have been sold since our beginnings in 2001. All of them work together regardless of brand, because they're all based on the common Z-Wave standard. All of our Z-Wave products here support the Australia/New Zealand frequency of 921.42MHz.

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