Sunscreen Roller Blinds

iSmart Window is one of the leading companies to supply a wide range of custom made motorised curtain tracks, motorised roller blinds, motorised venetian blinds and motorised roman blinds as well as we supply all kinds of affordable New Zealand custom made quality standard manual roller blinds, Vertical blinds and venetian blinds. 


Sunscreen Roller Blinds provide a some level of privacy as you can’t see into the room from outside in daytime, although they are not a blackout fabric, meaning you can see through them and maintain your outside view. However Sunscreen Roller Blinds do not provide privacy at night when the lights are on, so they are not ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms unless they are used with a blackout roller blind in a dual roller blind set-up.
  • Sunscreen Roller Blinds
    Sunscreen Roller Blinds are specifically designed to filter and soften the sun during hot summer mon...

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