iSmart Window is one of the leading companies to supply a wide range of custom made motorised curtain tracks, motorised roller blinds, motorised venetian blinds and electric window openers as well as we supply all kinds of affordable New Zealand custom made quality standard manual roller blinds, Vertical blinds, venetian blinds. 


Motorised Curtains or Electric Curtains add personality and convenience to any home. Unlike traditional, manually drawn curtains, motorised curtains use an operating system and motorised curtain track to give you full control of the degree of privacy and light you let into your room. iSmart Window motorised curtains will live up to all your expectations with their effortless, smooth and quiet operation.  we have normal motorised curtain tracks with 90 degrees or 135 degrees bend solutions for traditional pinch pleated heading style curtain ,motorised Ripplefold (Wave Fold) curtain tracks for ripplefold curtain and Motorised Bendable Curved Curtain Track for most of angle bend of curtain tracks.  We have a very wide range of AC powered and Li-ion battery powered curtain motors , 50kg and 100kg load-bearing capacity curtain motors, and we can provide you with Switch, RF Remote, WiFi and Thirt party Smart Home Automation etc. different control solutions to meet your requirements.

motorised curtains

motorised curtains

Motorised Curtains Products :

  • Motorised Curtain Tracks for Pleated Curtains
    Motorised Curtains eliminates the need for chains and cords. It is perfect for those seeking a modern and sophisticated interior with clean, minimalist lines. Integrating affordable curtain solution with technology to give you a product that is highly reliable and durable. We can supply the custom built motorised curtain track for you according to your measurements and requirements. The tracks can be as wide as 12 metres, with convenient options for centre opening curtains (Two way draw) or one way draw. The track can be ceiling mount or wall mount. Please note: this track is for the traditional pinch pleated heading style curtain only.
  • Motorised Ripplefold (Wave Fold / S Fold)  Curtain Tracks
    The Ripplefold curtain which is similar to Wave Fold curtain or S Fold Curtain is becoming more and more popular recently, it will give you more modern, unique and a versatile look compared to the Pinch pleated curtain, the Ripplefold curtain is created through carrier spacing and heading tape ( Ripplefold snap tape) , it looks gentle, continuous fold drapery from begin to end of track, this soft flowing wave effect allows the fabric to drape beautifully and the overall look creates a very contemporary and on-trend finish.
  • Motorised Bendable Curved Curtain Tracks
    Motorised Bendable Curved Curtain Track is different with the normal 90 degrees L shape or U shape curved or 135 degrees curved curtain tracks which we use 90 degrees or 135 degrees connection devices, we will use the bendable curtain tracks to custom make motorised curved curtain tracks for Bay Windows, 90 degree turn L shape or U shape, 360 degree turn, irregular curves, … etc. , we can bend the curtain track into most radius of irregular curved tracks to meet your specific requirements or a project.
  • Curtain Motors and Accessories
    iSmart Window imports very wide range of curtain motors, we have Main powered and Li-ion rechargeable battery powered curtain motors, wall switch controlled Home Automation compatible 4 wires or 5 wires and RF controlled curtain motors, even WiFi App controlled non Hub required curtain motors, traditional one way RF communication and two way communications Bi-Directional curtain motors, so we have confidence we have right curtain motors to meet you specific requirements.

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