Motorised curtain, motorised roller blinds and motorised venetian blinds are our specialty. We provide affordable and quality motorised curtain tracks, motorised roller blinds and motorised venetian blinds solution as well all kinds of standard and manual roller blinds, venetian blinds and vertical blinds.                



Motorised Curtains eliminates the need for chains and cords. It is perfect for those seeking a modern and sophisticated interior with clean, minimalist lines. Integrating affordable curtain solution with technology to give you a product that is highly reliable and durable. 

Motorised Roller Blinds use tubular motors as the driving force. With just a switch of a button, you can now easily control your blinds via your mobile phone, it is easy to operate and runs quietly and steadily. They can be operated by main power, DC power or Li-ion rechargeable battery. 

Motorised Roller Blinds can be used in commercial environments where ease of operation, low maintenance and durability are required. They can be suitable for offices, convention centres, showrooms as well as 5 star hotels and apartments. 



Home Automation is all about adding comfort and convenience. Technology has rapidly changed in just about every aspect of life, newest innovations are hitting a homerun, a smart home or home automation is not something belonging to the distant future anymore. It has arrived — the internet is gradually making its way into everything, from appliances to motorised curtains or motorised blinds, and you’ll soon be able to control most things in your home from your phone.

Motorised curtains, Motorised roller blinds and Motorised venetian blinds are just one aspect of smart home automation that provide a long list of benefits, encompassing everything from fun to better home security. Smart Home Automation is now easier than ever with our iSmart Window solutions for your motorised curtains and roller blinds.  Motorised Curtains and  Roller Blinds solutions can increase your home's value, improve comfort, security, lifestyle, energy efficiency, all the while being affordable too.

There are 10 advantages of Motorised Curtains and Motorised Roller Blinds you probably didn’t expect. 
1. Convenience  -  The ability to kick back and adjust every window covering with the simple touch of a button. This is a huge time saver for homes with lots of big picture windows, skylights, and other hard-to-reach windows.
2. Safety  -  There’s something about “dangly” things that attracts babies and pets. But as we know, dangling cords can be hazardous for children and small animals. The advantage of motorised blinds is that there are no tempting cords to get tangled up in. 
3. Better Sleep  -  Electric window treatments lead to better sleep for a number of reasons. For starters, motorised curtains and roller blinds allow you to sleep in a completely dark room that increases melatonin and improves your circadian rhythm. Also, you can set your window coverings to open around the time you’d like to wake up, so you can wake up to natural sunlight rather than an annoying alarm clock. 
4. Increased Privacy  -  By setting your blinds on a timer, you can make sure certain windows are covered as soon as the sun goes down. Also, depending on which material and opacity you choose, you can have window coverings that offer privacy while still allowing light to come in. 
5. Increased Security While Away From Home  -  Motorised window treatments can be closed or opened using an app on your phone, making them usable no matter where you are. If you’re taking a trip, you can operate your window treatments or set them on a timer. This makes your home seem occupied, combine this with automated lights and it can be a big deterrent for burglars, so it's perfect for the safety and security-conscious.
6. Increased Value of Your Home  -  Aside from the general aesthetic appeal your home will gain by switching to motorised curtains and roller blinds, they’ll also increases the value of your home. You’ll be improving the functionality, and putting your house a step ahead of others with home automation features that has become increasingly popular. 
7. Protect Your Interior  -  By using window treatments that let in soft, filtered light, you can eliminate the risk of anything in your home getting faded or discoloured. 
8. Get Comfortable Outside  -  Motorised window coverings can improve your outdoor lounge areas in a sheltered location. Outdoor blinds (please check tubular motor's IP Rate) could be used to keep bugs out, buffer gusts of wind, protect from the sun, and much more. 
9. Create Ambiance  -  The sun has an incredible ability to energize us and invigorate a space. On the other hand, a dim room can be relaxing or romantic. Electric window treatments can help set the mood with the touch of a button. 
10. Create a Home Theatre  -  You can use motorised roller blinds to completely blackout your room, and also as a drop-down screen to project movies onto.
iSmart Window aims to provide our customers affordable and reliable, comfortable and convenient automation solutions with the best value. We have one of the largest product ranges available, giving our clients the ability to really get a feel for what will suit their home or business needs. Providing our customers with a wide array of window covering solutions to improve the beauty and value of your property, including custom made motorised curtain tracks, manual and motorised roller blinds, vertical blinds, venetian blinds, and electronic window opener system etc. We also have an extensive selection of fabrics, colours and pattern designs for you to choose from.  iSmart Window is your one-stop motorised and manual Window Coverings solution provider, offering exceptionally competitive prices and high-quality service. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise will provide you the trouble-free professional consultations, please contact us for free no obligation consultation, measure and quote.


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