Q.What can I do if I have non standard other than 38mm or 45mm aluminium roller blind tube?

A. All of the DC tubular motor come with one drive wheel adapter and one crown which can work the 38mm or 45mm aluminium blind tube, a lot of old roller blinds under 2.1m width used 38mm tube, so there is no problem,but if you have other than 38mm aluminium tube roller blind tube like 45mm or 46mm diameter , don't worry, we have several type of drive wheel adaptor and crown for 44-46mm aluminium tube, so you can send me enquiry form, send me the drawing or photos which show the interior shape of the tube, and let me know all necessarily figures after the actually measuring the tube ( inside diameter and outside diameter etc.), we will find out for you if we got the right drive wheel adaptor and crown to match your tube, if yes, then we will send you the right drive wheel adaptor and crown instead of 38mm type for free of charger if you order the iSW range of tubular motor through us.

For those customer who order the roller blinds with us, there will be no problem at all, we will use the strong 45mm diameter aluminium tube for all of the roller blinds whatever how small of your roller blind is, we will only use 45mm drive wheel adaptor and crown for our all of range of tubular motor.

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