Q. Is it difficult to retrofit my existing curtains and roller blinds to motorised ones by myself?


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iSmart Windows
A. It's quite easy to do so.

You can continue to use your existing curtains however you'll need to replace the curtain rail with a motorised curtain track. You can install the motorised curtain track to the ceiling or the wall through the brackets, attach the curtain motor and plug to a powerpoint or connect the cable to a permanent connection unit. Even easier, you can simply order one iSW82LE Li-ion rechargeable battery powered curtain motor track. It needs no wires or electricians, just set up the handheld remote control according to the manual, that's it.

For the roller blinds, first you'll need to check if your existing roller blind is suitable for retrofitting. To do this you have to take down your existing roller blind and pull out the idle end to measure the outside and inside diameter of the aluminium tube and check the shape and layout of the interior of the tube. To make it easier, you can email us photos of the tube and both side brackets and we can inform you if your existing roller blind can be retrofitted or not. If yes, you need to remove the chain control from the existing blind's aluminium tube, sometimes for larger size blinds you'll need to remove the spring-assisted mechanism as well. Choose the right size and the right shape of the drive wheel adapter and crown, attach them to the motor, slide them into the tube, insert the limit switch head to the chain control end bracket, that's it.

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