iSW 25LEU/S Li-ion USB Rechargeable battery Bi Directional tubular motor

iSW 25LEU/S Li-ion USB Rechargeable battery Bi Directional tubular motor
iSW 25LEU/S is our latest 2019 model Li-ion USB Rechargeable battery Bi Directional tubular motor, it not only have all of iSW25LE/S features, such as status feedback, speed regulation, Radio lock etc. but also it has the lithium battery switch on the limit head of the motor, you can use 5V USB charger ( most phones charger is 5V) to charge the battery, Maximal power input for charging is 5V 2A.

It's rated torque is 1.1 Nm and rated speed is 28 rpm, therefore for the 45mm tube, its lift capacity with standard adapters is around 4 kg. If you use the 460g/m2 roller blind fabric with the weight of the bottom bar being 1.2 kg, then the maximum size of the roller blind would be 3m(W) X 2m(H) after deducting the weight of the bottom tube.

Please be aware the width of the slot in this model of motor limit head is 10.7mm, it is smaller than normal width of the pin of the bracket (11.6mm), in this case , then you need to use the file to file the pin to reduce its width to 10.7mm.

Please note: you can only use our new DC1602H 15 channel remote to control this kind of Bi-directional motor , it's better to combine to use with our DD7002B WIFI Bridge together, so you will know the motorised roller blinds latest position status and do percentage control through the smartphone app- Connector, you can know the lithium battery power level as well, so you can recharge the lithium battery immediately when the battery power level is low to prevent the lithium battery over discharge.
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3 years warranty for the tubular motor includes the lithium battery.

Rated Torque : 1.1 Nm

Rated Speed : 28 rpm

Rated Current: 0.87A

Rated Power: 10W

Emmission Frequency: 433.92 MHz

Motor tube Diameter : 25mm

Max Power input : 5V 2A USB Charging

Degree of Protection : IP20

Maximum Number of Turns : 6 Minutes.

Minimum width of the roller blinds: 560mm

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