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  • We are glad to announce that we will start to custom make motorised roman blinds and retrofit the customer's existing roman blinds to motorised ones soon. We belive we will prety much be the first of New Zealand company which can supply this kind of motorised Roman Blinds solution.

    Our motorised roman blinds solution is similar to our motorised venetain blinds, both of them use the smae iSW35F/SW wifi motor and the tilt and lift cords, the cords are spooled onto the 40mm hexagonal tube that sits inside the 50mm headrail which is larger than normal standard roman blinds. These features make our motorised Roman Blinds a solid and powereful contruction, so our motorised Roman Blinds are ideal option for the larger windows in commercial or residential spaces alike.

    As we have already started to make the motorised Venetain blinds, we will start to receive the order of motorised Roman Blinds after we receive one particular component for the motorised Roman Blinds.
    Posted: Friday 15 April 2022
  • Due to Covid-19 Delta community outbreak in Auckland Region, we declare that all of our staff are fully vaccinated and we will follow the rules and guidelines under Alert Level 3 when we visit and work for our Auckland area customers. Meanwhile we also declare that we will not service Aucklanders who still haven't been fully vaccinated so far, please DO NOT CONTACT US requiring a free consultation, measure and quote. It will protect us and protect you, keep safe. Thank you.

    For those outside of Auckland area customers, we will continute to receive the online order and ship the order without the problem.

    New Zealanders can obtain a proof-of-vaccination certificate at
    Posted: Thursday 14 October 2021
  • From Wednesday 18th August, The whole country entered Alter Level 4 for an initial period of three days and Auckland will remain at level 4 for a period of up to seven days.
    According to the rules of the Government's Unite Against COVID-19 website: Retail stores can take online orders for essential consumer products only and the customers cannot use click-and-collect services.
    Essential goods can be ordered online for courier delivery during Alert Level 4. Non-essential goods will be unavailable to order until Alert Level 3.
    Our website order is available with restrictions and please expect some delivery delays.
    Stay safe New Zealand!
    Posted: Thursday 19 August 2021
  • Due to international supply chain and shipping delays broaden issues, some customers might be aware our stock level of some model of tubular motors and curtain motors are quite low or sold out, particularly the manufacturer lacked the RF Bi-directional chips , they can not supply the Bi-Directional model anymore recently, but we are lucky enough, since we ordered quite earlier, so we will still get them and our new shipment will finally arrive in the few days now, the new shipment will include iSW25LEQ/S-1.1/20 Li-ion rechargeable battery Bi-directional tubular motors, iSW25TE/S-1.5/32 AC mains powered Bi-directional tubular motors and iSW72TV/W WiFi curtain motors. These three models all are very popular models, iSW25TE/S-.15/32 will replace the old iSW25TE/L model. the difference between them is iSW25TE/S is bi-directional model which it can feedback the tubular motor's status and can do percentage control etc.
    Posted: Monday 24 May 2021
  • New shipment of our new product will arrive in two weeks.
    Our new products include our first ever wifi tubular motor - iSW35F/SW, this 35mm wifi tubular motor can be used for motorised roller blinds and motorised venetian blinds, you can control the blinds directly via your smartphone app- Connector without the DD7002B wifi bridge ( HUB ) like our wifi curtain motor.
    We will have Q ( Quite ) series of Bi-directional battery motor- iSW25LEQ/S which the rated noise level is 30 dB.
    We will also have our new iSW72EV/S Mains 5 wires Bi-direcontal curtain motor which the rated load-bearing capacity is 100kg, it's double of the normal curtain motors.
    Most importantly, we will start to make Motorised venetian blinds which we are pretty much the first and only manufacturer can make 50mm motorised venetian blinds in New Zealand and motorised bendable curved curtain tracks. we can custom make motorised curved curtain tracks for Bay Windows, 90 degree turn L shape or U shape, 360 degree turn, irregular curves, … etc. , we can bend the curtain track into most radius of irregular curved tracks to meet your specific requirements or a project.
    Posted: Thursday 30 July 2020
  • New Motorised Curved curtain tracks are coming, we are going to use the bendable curtain tracks to custom make motorised curved curtain tracks for Bay Windows, 90 degree turn L shape or U shape, 360 degree turn, irregular curves, … etc. in New Zealand soon, we can bend the curtain track into most radius of irregular curved tracks to meet your specific requirements or a project, since this kind of new motorised curved curtain track normally would be very hard to pack and occur very larger volume , it would be not economical to be shipped to outside of Auckland area, so we will only supply them to local Auckland customers.
    Posted: Wednesday 1 July 2020
  • We will start to make the motorised venetian blinds in New Zealand in two or three months time.
    Our motorised venetian blinds solution is for 50mm slat width of venetian blinds including our 50mm wooden venetian blinds, 50mm PVC visionwood venetian blinds and Aluminium venetian blinds. It can provide you both of Lift and Tilt functions for Venetian Blinds. Our Motorised Venetian Blinds will be made in New Zealand, please support the NZ Made.
    Posted: Monday 18 May 2020
  • With yesterday’s government announcement that we will be moving to Alert Level 2 on 14th of May, we are pleased to advise that customers will be able to return to operate as tradesman, we will operate according to the Ministry of Health guidelines and will continue to do so ensuring the safety of ourself and customers.
    The iSmart Window thanks everyone for supporting our kiwi owned business during the lockdown period by enquiring and ordering via our website.
    Posted: Tuesday 12 May 2020
  • As COVID-19 is constantly evolving in New Zealand, we are doing our best to closely monitor the situation while following the rules and guidelines that have been set in place for our safety and wellbeing.

    Due to New Zealand's level 4 status and consequent lockdown regulations, we will be temporarily closing our warehouse from 5pm, Wednesday 25, March until further notice as we are not deemed an essential service. You will continue to be able to browse and shop online, however, if you place online order, the shipping will be delayed until the delivery services are allowed to resume home deliveries by the government.

    As always, our customers are our top priority and while we are unable to do in-house consultations or installations, online consultations will still be in effect via email. Please present us with the relevant measurements and we can provide a quotation.

    In these uncertain times, we thank you for your patience and understanding. For now, stay safe and all the best.

    iSmart Windows
    Posted: Thursday 26 March 2020
  • Voice control everything in your Home Theater through the Alexa Routines ( Scene )
    Normally the original switch box and remote come with the most of 240V AC powered motorised projector screen can not integrate with our DD7002B Wii bridge and remote, in order to do so, we have a solution, that's cutting off the original manual switch which contains the receiver inside of the box, just use the 4 wires cable come from the screen tubular motor and connect the wires with our DC1690 Single Channel Receiver, and use our any model of remote to control the 240V AC powered motorised projector screen, then you can integrate it with our DD7002B wifi bridge, to combine with Logitech Harmony Hub and Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you might pretty much control everything from motorised curtains, motorised blinds, projector, projector screen , Philips Hue lights to all of AV gears in your home theater.
    Posted: Tuesday 3 March 2020
  • Motorised Ripplefold Curtain track is ready now
    The parts for new motorised ripplefold curtain track have arrived for sometime now, after Christmas and New Year Holiday, the new Motorised Ripplefold (Wave Fold) Curtain Track is finally ready for sale now.
    YouTube link: .
    Welcome to send us your inquiry form if you are interested in this product.
    Posted: Sunday 1 March 2020
  • New Style of motorised curtain track ( Wave Fold motorised curtain track ) coming soon
    New Style of motorised curtain track ( Wave Fold motorised curtain track ) will arrive in stock before the Christmas.
    The wave fold curtain or also called S Fold curtain or Ripple Fold Curtain is becoming more popular recently , it will give you more modern, unique and a versatile look compared to the Pinch pleated curtain, the wave fold curtain is created through carrier spacing and heading tape ( snap tape) , it looks gentle, continuous fold drapery from begin to end of track, it doesn't like the pinch pleated curtain which have a heavy or stackable look.
    Despite of these, we decide to introduce this new wavefold motorised curtain track to New Zealand, but of cause, for those customers who already have traditional pinch pleated curtain and want to motorise the track, then you still need to order the original old style motorised curtain track.
    Posted: Friday 1 November 2019
  • Lithium ion battery technology has improved a lot, it's proven in many of products we interact with every day now, such as smartphones, laptops, Li-ion battery powered tools, battery-powered vehicles etc, the capacity of our iSW Li-ion rechargeable battery iSW25LE, ISW28LE and iSW82LE are 2.2Ah, 2,6Ah and 4.4 Ah respectively, they are estimated to operate 500 up/down or 500 open/ close cycles once fully charged for normal size of roller blind or curtain, although they might last more than 6 months, but we strongly suggest and require you to recharge the Li-ion battery every 6 months to maintain the Li-ion battery in good performance, secondly you need to use our iSW brand matched battery charger other than other brand charger.
    The lifetime of our iSW Li-ion battery is it can be recharge around 500 times, the batteries do degrade slowly over time, we offer you 3 years warranty for our tubular motors and curtain motors includes the Li-ion rechargeable battery since our iSW Lithium Ion battery technology is proven, reliable and can be trusted.
    Posted: Tuesday 23 July 2019
  • The new iSW25LE/S -1.1/40 model Li-ion rechargeable battery powered tubular motor will arrive in stock in early of next month.

    The new iSW25LE/S -1.1/40 model Li-ion rechargeable battery powered tubular motor has the feature which is called Status Feedback, the motor can feedback the status of the roller blind's position via RF, it means if you have the DD7002B WIFI bridge (Hub), then this bi-directional communication ensures you can always keep track of your roller blinds position when you open your smartphone App, of cause you can do percentage control your roller blind as well.
    Posted: Wednesday 10 July 2019

    Musk's home also has a cook's kitchen, an integrated security and audio system and automated shades. That's basic and essential elements of Home automation about, that's what we are doing right now too.
    Posted: Tuesday 25 June 2019
  • We have two model of curtain motor can be connected with Z-wave module, they are iSW82TS 4 wires motor and iSW72TV 5 wires motor, the wires connection for both motors are similar and easy, both motors have their own advantages and disadvantages.

    The advantage of 82TS motor is can do auto calibration when you configure your Z-Wave controller, so you can do percentage controlling and know the curtain position, the disadvantages of iSW82TS motor is it's just basic standard model of curtain motor, so it has less functions like pull touch-start and it can not be controlled by remote etc.

    The advantage of 72TV model is it has more function than 82TS, you can control the curtain by remote and you can pull the curtain to start over the motor, but the disadvantage is it can not do auto calibration through Z-Wave controller, so you don't know the curtain position and you only can fully open or close and stop the curtain. Meanwhile 72TV motor looks better and is new model, the components of the motor and the track are better, so of cause the iSW72TV motor and track are more expensive than
    iSW82TS curtain motor and curtain track.

    Meanwhile their parameter setting of Z-Wave controller are slightly different for this two motors, please refer to our Fibaro Z-Wave roller shutter 2 module to compare the difference between them.
    Posted: Wednesday 12 June 2019
  • New WiFi Curtain Motor iSW72TV/W finally arrived in stock now.
    The WiFi Curtain Motor iSW72TV/W is most advantage curtain motor, it's best value as well.
    It not only has almost all of the features of 72TV curtain motor, but also you can use your smartphone without the Hub to control it remotely anywhere in the world and you can set the timer and scene, and it is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Meanwhile you can do percentage controlling and you can know the curtain position as well. You can say it ticks all of boxes, for those customer who don't want spend the money on Hub ( WIFI bridge ), it's the best buy.
    Posted: Tuesday 11 June 2019
  • All of our iSW built in receiver tubular motors and remotes are compatible with Trust Smart Home controller ICS-2000
    Just like we have mentioned in early Blog, all of our iSW built in receiver tubular motors and remotes are fully compatible with Trust Smart Home controller ICS-2000, the model of these tubular motors are iSW25TE, iSW25LE, iSW28LE and iSW25CE.

    The Trust Smart Home controller ICS-2000 not only can control the Somfy RTS type tubular motor, but also it can control all of our iSW Brand built in receiver tubular motors. Since most of our tubular motors can add another 433 MHz remote after you set up a remote with tubular motor, the method of adding another new remote is exactly the same with the method of adding a device of Trust smart home hub, you can choose through the GAMMA (TrenDIY/Brel) brand not Somfy, choose wireless blind, then just press twice of P2 button on the back of our existing remote and then click the Connect button on the Trust smart home app, then you can start to control your our brand of motorised roller blind through the Trust smart home app now. For more information of the Trust smart home hub, you can check:

    Most importantly, the Trust control station ICS-2000 can integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google home now.
    Posted: Monday 18 March 2019
  • There are mainly two new products which will arrive late of next month. These two products are iSW DT82TS curtain motor and iSW DJ51TS Actuator (Window Opener).

    The iSW DT82TS is for those customer who wants to connect it with Z-Wave Roller shutter module such as Fibaro RS2 module, the iSW DT82TS is fully compatible with Fibaro RS2, so it would be good for those customer wants to control the motorised curtain through Z-Wave controller.

    The iSW DJ51TS is pretty much a new product which we have never had them for sale before, it is for those customer who wants the window opener in a good price.
    Posted: Wednesday 20 February 2019
  • New products arrived.
    After finishing Christmas and New Year Holiday, we are returning to work now.
    We will start to list all of our new product we received before holiday to our website now, they include seraval new single, double and 15 channel remote control and one of new WiFi curtain motor,
    Meanwhile from now on, we will start to make all of the motorised curtain track locally in New Zealand,
    it means we can make up to 5.65m maximal length motorised curtain track in one single piece without the jointer for the Auckland region customer ( need to pick up only ) , but for those urban areas other than Auckland, then we can make the maximal length would be 2.3m without the jointer and 1.4m maximal length for rural areas due to courier's size restrictions.
    For those customer who choose iSW DT72EN and iSW DT72TV/W curtain motors, you need the DT72 type of track, then we are going to use very high quality components ( like component showed in the picture) to make this kind of curtain track, we will only charge this kind of track for 12% more than the DT82 type of track.
    Posted: Saturday 19 January 2019
  • We have just started the Christmas and New Year Holiday period today.

    Very fortunately, we have received the latest shipment of the new products yesterday.

    Firstly, we have the 5.5m length curtain track now, meaning we can make the maximum 5.65m length motorised curtain track in one piece here in New Zealand for our Auckland area customers from the middle of January next year.
    Secondly, we now have WiFi Curtain motor iSW DT72TV/W, you can control the WiFi Curtain track directly without any extra device via the App which is called "connector" app. You can set the timer or remote control the curtain anywhere in the world.

    This means we have a very wide range of curtain motors to meet different customer's requirements now. We will bring in the iSW DT82TS curtain motor to work with the Z-Wave controller next year.

    We wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Posted: Thursday 6 December 2018

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