iSW25DB-1.1//40 DC24V Tubular Motor

iSW25DB-1.1//40 DC24V Tubular Motor
iSW25DB-1.1//40 DC24V Tubular Motor is a standard DC tubular motor, DC24V input, electronic limit switch, but no built in RF receiver, so you need to use the DC128 DC manual switch or our DC1686A single-channel DC receiver to control it.

If you use the DC128 switch, then you can combine it to use with our Qubino Flush Shutter DC module, so you can control the motor further via Z-Wave smart home system. We strongly recommend you to buy our iSW DM25DB-1.1/40 24V DC tubular Motor and Z-Wave control Kit if you prefer this option.

This motor comes with the drive wheel adaptor for 45mm roller blind tube, but we can replace it with the drive wheel adaptor for 38mm tube.

Meanwhile this tubular motor uses the latest limit switch head which most of the roller blind bracket in NZ can insert into the slot in the limit switch head, so it would be much easier than 25TE and 25LE model to install.

Since this iSW DM25DB tubular motor use 24V DC power, so it can not only be used for the resident, but also it can be used for the roller blind for caravan.
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We provide 3 Years wanrantty for all of our Curtain Motors and  Tubular Motors.

Power Input:  DC24V

Rated Torque:  1.1 Nm

Rated Speed:  40 rpm

Rated Pwoer:  9.7 W

Rated Current:  0.42 A

Length of Motor: 285 mm