Retrofit and motorise your existing Roman Blinds

Retrofit and motorise your existing Roman Blinds
Our motorised roman blinds solution is similar to our motorised venetain blinds, both of them use the smae iSW35F/SW wifi motor and the tilt and lift cords, the cords are spooled onto the 40mm hexagonal tube that sits inside the 50mm headrail which is larger than normal standard roman blinds. These features make our motorised Roman Blinds a solid and powereful contruction, so our motorised Roman Blinds are ideal option for the larger windows in commercial or residential spaces alike.

Our motorised roman blinds solution can be used for your most of larger and heavier existing roman blinds, we can supply you the motorised roman blinds kits which includes a whole motorised roman blind system inside the 50mm headrail and a set of Self Adhesive hook and sewing Adhesive loop, you can sew the loop which we suppy to you onto your existing roman blind.

Please note:

1, Since we use 35mm 240V AV maind powered hardwires iSW35F/SW tubular motor, so you should get the electrician to install a PowerPoint or a permanent connection unit which is nearby the motor,

2, The motorised roman blind can be recessed mounted inside the window frame or outside mounted and be mounted above the top of window frame. If it is outside mounyed, as we mentioned earlier, the headrail of this motorised roman blind is larger than normal headrail of roman blind, so if you are concern and care about this issue, then our motorised roman blind solution might not be suitable for you,

3, The minimum width of motorised roman blind should be 750mm.

4, you should tell us the measurements of your existing roman blinds, how many lift cords and the postions of the lift cords of your existing roman blinds.

5, Although you can use the Connector App to control the roman blind directly without the hub, but it's better for you to purchase the Bi-Diretional remote as well, it sell separately.
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