iSW 25LE/L-1.1/40 DC Built-In Battery Tubular Motor

iSW 25LE/L-1.1/40  DC Built-In Battery Tubular Motor
iSW 25LE/L-1.1/40 DC Built-In Battery Tubular Motor has a built-in lithium ion battery, it requires no wiring nor an electrician.
The built in Lithium battery has the ability to be fully charged up to 500 times. You can use the electric charger or solar panel charger to charge the battery once every several months, the lithium ion battery can achieve an outstanding 150~600 cycles per charge depending on the weight and the size of the roller blind.
It has a built-in electronic radio receiver and an electric limit function.
DC motors are extremely quiet and have an unlimited amount of turns unlike the AC tubular motor.
It comes with the standard driving wheel (adaptor) and crown which are only suitable for 38mm roller blind tubes.It's rated torque is 1.1 Nm and rated speed is 40 rpm, therefore for the 38mm tube, its lift capacity with standard adapters is around 4 kg. If you use the 400g/m2 roller blind fabric with the weight of the bottom bar being 1.5 kg, then the maximum size of the roller blind would be 3m(W) X 2m(H) after deducting the weight of the bottom tube.
This is for the motor only, you will also require a remote and a charger to operate, however you only need one charger per home and a single remote can control multiple blinds.

Meanwhile we have another large size of drive wheel adaptor and crown to choose for 45mm aluminium tube ,since this tubular motor has the capability to drive quite a large size of roller blinds, so for those who have the tube of roller blinds exceeding 38mm of diameter something like 44mm to 45.5mm of diameter ,please just send an enquiry form firstly include a drawing or photos and the accurate measurement of your existing tube and the size of your blind, we might be able to provide you the larger size of drive wheel adapter and crown to suit your retrofitting needs .But please note to contact us firstly before you purchase.
NZ$ 239.00
NZ$ 191.20
NZ$ 6.00

We provide 3 Years wanrantty for the Tubular Motor.

Rated Torque : 1.1 Nm

Rated Speed : 40 rpm

Motor tube Diameter : 25mm

Power input : Built-in Lithium Battery, connect to recharger (Option,purchase seperately ) when battery's power is low or connect to solar recharging panel (Option,purchase seperately ).

Degree of Protection : IP44

Maximum Number of Turns : Unlimit

Minimum width of the roller blinds: 470mm