Custom Built Motorised Curtain track (Track Only,No curtain motor)

Custom Built Motorised Curtain track (Track Only,No curtain motor)
We can supply the custom built motorised curtain track for you according to your measurements and requirements, the tracks can be as wide as 12 metres, with convenient options for centre opening curtains or one way draw. The track can be ceiling mount or wall mount.

You need to according to your requirement to choose iSW DT82TN; or ISW DT72EN or iSW DT82LE curtain motor, and you might need to purchase one remote control if you haven't had any remote control, please check our remote control catalogue.

The Track allows one-way draw (open from one end) or two-way draw (open from the middle); it can be ceiling mounted or wall mounted.

You can order single motorised curtain track or double tracks.

You can order 90 degrees L shape or U shape curved track and 135 degree Bay Window shape track as well.

Before installation you might need to assemble the motorised curtain track first because most courier companies require the goods maximum length to be 2.2m ( for the rural address customer, we only can ship 1.5m maximal length ) so the track might be divided into 2~3 pieces according to the total motorised curtains length.

Customize your project by adding the beautiful and versatile motorized products offered by iSmart Window; you’ll be amazed and impressed by the service and quality we offer.

Price on application according to the size of the track you require, please send an enquiry form.

Please note: you not only need to tell us that your track require ceiling mount bracket or wall mount bracket, and the track is one way draw or two way draw, but also you need to tell us which model of curtain motor you are going to use, because the transmission box which connect to the curtain motor is different between the 82 type motor and 72 type motor.

We provide 1 Years wanrantty for the Motorised Curtain track.

These Custom Made to measure motorised curtains need  approximately 10-15 working days to manufacture.