Due to New Zealand's level 4 status and consequent lockdown regulations, we will be temporarily closing our warehouse from 5pm, Wednesday 25, March until further notice. You will continue to be able to browse and shop online, however, if you place an online order, the shipping will be delayed until delivery services are allowed to resume. 
As always, our customers are our top priority and while we are unable to do in-house consultations or installations, online consultations will still be in effect via email. Please present us with the relevant measurements and we can provide a quotation.

In these uncertain times, we thank you for your patience and understanding. For now, stay safe and all the best.

iSmart Windows

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The Electric Window Opener system can open indoor windows to ventilate and add fresh air automatically and timely according to indoor and outdoor temperature and weather. This way it keeps fresh air indoors and adjusts temperature. Additionally, it syncs with fire alarm signals to open ventilation windows in the case of a fire while also extracting smoke.

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