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Many homeowners or business owners opt for these motorized curtains systems because of their efficiency. They are quiet and make reaching up or pulling on heavy cables to adjust your drapes a thing of the past.The mechanics in the system provide a gentle and smooth operation that is impressive to watch. Motorised curtains are ideal for any window, but specifically convenient for windows that are up high and places where there are a lot of windows or a large window that need to be covered at the same time. Whole set of motorised curtains contains a curtain motor and curtain track. We supply some Ready made standard widths of curtain track online, meanwhile we also provide you custom made curtain tracks which meet your measurements and requirements. Just send an enquiry form and then we will give you a quote . Remote controls need to be purchased separately. Typically, you will only need to buy one 15CH remote control to be able to control 15 motorised curtains and roller blinds separately.

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