Custom Made Ripplefold (Wave Fold) Motorised Curtain Track

Custom Made Ripplefold (Wave Fold) Motorised Curtain Track
There's a trend in curtains right now that leans toward the simple, yet elegant look, that's Ripplefold curtain. The Ripplefold curtain which is similar to Wave Fold curtain or S Fold Curtain is becoming more and more popular recently, it will give you more modern, unique and a versatile look compared to the Pinch pleated curtain, the Ripplefold curtain is created through carrier spacing and heading tape ( Ripplefold snap tape) , it looks gentle, continuous fold drapery from begin to end of track, this soft flowing wave effect allows the fabric to drape beautifully and the overall look creates a very contemporary and on-trend finish, it doesn't like the traditional pinch pleated curtain which have a heavy or stackable look.

Our Ripplefold motorised curtain track system uses a 25mm or 30mm wide snap tape sewn along the top of a flat drapery panel. The snaps on our ripplefold snap tapes are 105mm (4 1/4") or 125mm apart for ripplefold drapes.

The ripplefold motorised curtain track has carriers ( runners ) running in the channel of the track. These carriers are connected by a string and held a set distance apart. This is what holds the fullness in the ripplefold curtain and prevents it from pulling flat when closed. We have two type ( distance apart between two runners ): 55mm and 66mm, if We carry 100% fullness ratio carriers ( runners ) which is 55mm ( 2 1/8" ) apart, so it's 19 carriers for per meter of track, and when we use the snaps space 105mm snap tape, a 2 to 1 fullness ratio is created because the snaps on the snap tape are double that distance at 4 1/4" apart, it means the pinched rate of our Ripplefold curtain is 2, when we use the snaps space 125mm snap tape, then the pinched rate would eb 2.3. With the new style wheeled ripplefold carriers, a separate snap pendant is used to snap onto the snap tape and click into the carrier.

The Ripplefold curtains are actually easy to make, if we use 19 pieces of Carriers ( Wave Runners) for per meter of Ripplefold motorised curtain track, and if we use the snap tape which the distance between each snap on the ripplefold snap tape is 105mm, so the pinching rate of your Ripplefold curtain would be around 1.9 times~2.0 times, it means you should purchase around double length of Ripplefold Snap tape and curtain fabric for the length of your Ripplefold curtain track, then sew the snap tape onto the top of ripplefold curtain fabric. Please note: consider to you need to add extra snaps to the master carriers and end snap pendant ( End Cap ), you need to purchase slightly longer length of ripplefold snap tape and ripplefold curtain fabric.

Please note: the ripplefold curtain snap tape showed in the photo is not included, you need to order separately, you can go to another listing to order it.

The minimum space for the pelmet of single Ripplefold motorised curtain track ( 105mm snaps space ) should be 110mm, for the pelmet of Double Ripplefold motorised curtain tracks ( 105mm snaps space ) should be 220mm.

The minimum space for the pelmet of single Ripplefold motorised curtain track ( 125mm snaps space ) should be 120mm, for the pelmet of Double Ripplefold motorised curtain tracks ( 125mm snaps space ) should be 240mm.

Try to find a curtain fabric that's light, airy, and soft. Stiff fabrics can be clunky and take up a lot more space. A softer material, however, will fold up nicely and hang beautifully.

Unfortunately, we can not make custom made 90 degrees or 135 degrees of the curved Ripplefold motorised curtain track at the moment.

Apart from that, like the traditional motorised curtain track for the pinch pleated curtain, You need to according to your requirement to choose AC Main powered iSW 82TN; iSW82TS; iSW 72EN , iSW72TV and iSW72TV/W wifi motor or Li-ion rechargeable battery powered iSW 82LE and iSW72LE curtain motor, and you might need to purchase one remote control if you haven't had any remote control, please check our remote control catalogue.

The Track allows one-way draw (open from one end) or two-way draw (open from the middle); it can be ceiling mounted or wall mounted.

You can order single motorised curtain track or double tracks.

Please Note: as you know we use more carriers for ripplefold motorised curtain track than traditional pinch pleated heading style curtain track, there are 18 pcs of carriers for per meter of track, they will occupy more space because all of the carriers will gather together when the ripplefold curtain fully open, so you need to order a little bit longer length of track than usually, otherwise the ripplefold curtain might be cover your some area of your window even the curtain are fully open.

Before installation you might need to assemble the motorised curtain track first because most courier companies require the goods maximum length to be 2.4m ( for the rural address customer, we only can ship 1.5m maximal length ) so the track might be divided into 2~3 pieces according to the total motorised curtains length. We can make up to maximal 5.65m length of motorised curtain track without the break (jointer) for Auckland customer if they can come to pick up the track by himself.

All of motorised curtain track will be made locally in Auckland of NZ, so it will be made and be dispatched in 5 working days. Price on application according to the size of the track and what kind of the curtain motor you require, please send an enquiry form includes the curtain details.

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