Custom made standard roller blinds and motorised roller blinds

This listing is for custom made standard roller blinds and motorised roller blinds which includes:

The details of the standard roller blinds are as follows:


1, Bedroom 1 : 1761mm (W)X 2061mm (D), Left hand,
2, Bedroom 2 : 1760mm (W) X 1156mm (D), Left hand,
3, Bedroom 2 : 1759mm (W) X 1159mm (D), Left hand,
4, Bedroom 3 : 1758mm (W) X 1160mm (D), Left hand,
5, Bedroom 3 : 1760mm (W) X 1160mm (D), Left hand,
6, Toilet : 705mm (W) X 758mm (W), Right hand,
7, Bathroom : 661mm (W) X 759mm (D), Left hand,


8, Kitchen : 1757mm (W) X 1350mm (D), Right hand,
9, Dining room : 2074mm (W) X 1389mm (D), Right hand,
10, Dining room : 2660mm (W) X 1359mm (D), Left hand,
11, Living room : 3522mm (W) X 1961mm (D), Dived into two blinds, 2321mm (W) X 1961mm (D) and 1201mm (W) X 1961mm (D), Two in one , Left hand,
12, ,Living room : 2373mm (W) X 1993mm (D), Left hand,
13, Toilet : 759mm (W) 960mm (D), Left hand,
14, Bathroom : 1592mm (W) X 960mm (D), Right hand,

Vibe range Ice colour for above total 15 roller blinds.

15, Master Bedroom : 2359mm (W) X 2121mm (D), Left hand,
16, Master Bedroom : 2360mm (W) X 918mm (D) , Right hand,

Dual Roller blind for above two windows, Duo screen Ice white colour for sunscreen and Vibe range Ice colour for blockout.

All blinds are Reverse Roll, white colour brackets, silver colour bottom rails.

Totally 5 of iSW25LE-1.1/40 Li-ion rechargeable battery powered motors will be installed on No8, No9, No10, No11, No12 roller blinds.

The listing includes One DD7002B wifi Bridge , one of DC1563AU battery charger and one of DC1602 15 channel remote.

The price is GST and installation included. The installation will be done in two stages, the first installation will be done for the upstairs roller blinds, and the second installation is for the downstairs roller blinds.

5 years warranty for the roller blinds, 3 years warranty for the tubular motors, 1 year warranty for the wifi bridge, charger and remote.
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