iSW DT72TV/W-1.2/14 WiFi Curtain Motor

iSW DT72TV/W-1.2/14 WiFi Curtain Motor
The iSW DT72TV/W-1.2/14 model of WiFi Curtain Motor is our latest curtain motor, it has been attached with a WiFi module on the original iSW DT72TV five wires curtain motor, so you can control this WiFi curtain motor via directly downloading a App called connector which you don't need to purchase the WiFi Bridge Hub, through this connector App, you can use your smartphone to set the timer and scene and remotely control the curtain anywhere in the world.

As you know, The iSW72TV model is 5 wires curtain motor, it contains Blue-Neutral line, Black-Down line, White/Grey-upline, Brown- Live line, Green/yellow- Earth line, it can be connected with either our DC866A Double button interlock switch or our DC865A Double button Mechanical rebound Switch, so it's good for those who do not want to buy the smart home hub, but simply want to use their smartphone to control the motorised curtain track remotely or via setting the timer, scene etc.

Apart from iSW DT72V/W has WiFi connection and Smartphone App control function, it has all of the functions of DT72TV, Like :

Some features of this motor:
•Electronic limit, limit memorized after power off.
•Touch-start (allowing you to manually pull the curtain and the motor takes over)
•Resistance stop (stops the motor if it senses an obstruction). This is a safety feature but also is used to automatically stop the motor when it reaches the end of it's travel
•Manual operation - when there is no mains power you can still pull the curtains manually
•Built in radio control - 433MHz receiver built in.
•Built in Transformer - you can connect this into AC 240V supplies via permanent connection unit.
•Really quiet operation, the noise level less than 29 dB.
•Support the RS485 protocol control.

Please note, to use any iSW DT72 type of motor, you are going to need to choose the DT72 type of the curtain track which comes with DT72 type of transmission box, and we are going to use very high quality component to assemble this kind of curtain track like newest luxure slip parts (carrier) etc.
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We provide 3 Years wanrantty for all of our Curtain Motors and  Tubular Motors.

Rates Torque:  1.2N.m

Open/ Close speed:   14 cm/s

Rates Voltage:  110~240V

Rated Power:  16W

Rated Protection: IP40

Maximum Load:  50Kg