WIFI Bridge (Connector) DD7002B


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WIFI Bridge (Connector) DD7002B
The latest WiFi Bridge DD7002B has finally arrived in Stock now.

As our most of curtain motors and tubular motors contain built in 433MHz RF receiver, as you know we usually use the Broadlink RM PRO hub to control the motor remotely or set the timing to control via download e-control app to your smartphone or tablet, the disadvantage of Broadlink RM Pro Hub is if you want to voice control the motor via Amazon Alexa or Google Home, then you only can use the Android smart devices, you can't use the iphone or ipad, meanwhile the communication between the Broadlink Hub and the motor is one way not two way, it means the Broadlink can't know the motor's operating status, like open or close, up or down.

A new revolutionary smart home hub-WIFI bridge will works with our iSmart Window system those have built in 433 MHz RF receiver, it can integrate with the Amazon Alexa , Google Home and IFTTT, the communications between the WIFI Bridge and the motor are two way, we can know the status of the motor's operating form the app. It's very easy to set up and simple to use. The downside of this WIFI Bridge compare to Broadlink is it works only with our iSmarwindow system or Dooya motorised curtain, roller blind and shutter etc those devices contain built in 433 MHz RF receiver or Wifi Curtain motor like iSW DT72TV/W .

Please note: Follow the success of DD7002B integrate with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, WiFi Bridge DD7002B can integrate with Google Home just now (07/10/2018).

The DD7002B WiFi Bridge can control Max. 30 motors, Max. 20 scenes. Max. 20 timers, and 20 rooms.

There is RS485 (RJ11) interface which offers additional integration option into the third party home automation systems.

If you combine this wifi bridge with our new iSW25LE/S Li-ion rechargeable battery powered tubular motor, then you can not only do percentage controlling the motorised roller blind, but also you can know the motorised roller blinds latest position status, you will know the Li-ion battery power status as well.

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