iSW 25DB-1.1/40 24V DC tubular Motor and Z-Wave control Kit

iSW 25DB-1.1/40 24V DC tubular Motor and Z-Wave control Kit
iSW25DB-1.1/40 24V DC tubular Motor and Z-Wave control Kit contains one DM25DB-1.1/40 24V DC tubular motor; one 24V DC power supply ZF120A with one DC Power Cable 2.1x5.5mm Female Plug Connector Adapter Jack ; one Qubino Flush Shutter DC Z-wave module ; one DC128 DC single channel mechanical Switch and one DC68 Flush Box.

This solution is pretty simple, the tubular motor is controlled by the DC128 switch and Qubino Flush Shutter DC module,it's world only DC Z-Wave Home Automation solution,it's not only can be used in residential but also can be used for caravan and yacht.

The Qubino Flush Shutter DC is world's only Z-Wave shutter for DC motors, it works perfectly with our DM25DB 24V DC tubular motor,You can control it either remotely through the Z-Wave network or through wall switches. It also measures power consumption and supports the connection of a digital temperature sensor.

DM25DB 24V DC tubular motor is a standard DC tubular motor, non Built-in receiver, non built-in transfer neither, but it has electronic Limit function, so this kit is purely controlled by Z-Wave home automation Hub, it not only can meet your requirement, but also you can save some money compare to other Z-Wave options.

Danger of electrocution !
All works on the device may be performed only by a qualified and licensed electrician. Observe national regulations.
Even when the device is turned off, voltage may be present at its terminals. Any works introducing changes into the configuration of connections or the load must be always performed with disconnected voltage (disable the fuse).

The Qubino Flush Shutter DC Z-Wave plus module works quite well with our DM25DB 24V DC tubular motor.

For setting, you need to set up both top and bottom limit positions through the tubular motor setting according to the instruction of the iSW 25DB motor before we do the auto calibration for Qubino Flush Shutter DC Z-Wave plus module. you can use DC128 mechanical switch and the setup button on the tubular motor's limit head to setup the limit positions follow the manual of the DM25DB motor,it's quite simple, the other way is you can set up the motor limit position though the Z-wave controller insteard of using DC128 switch, the way to set up the limit position is similar to use DC128 switch, you just need to click the open icon from the UI of Z-wave controller instead of pressing the open button on DC128 switch, click the close icon on the UI of z-wave controller instead of pressing the close button on DC128 switch. This module has 14 additional parameters for expert users, so firstly and most importantly, you need to change the parameter No. 74 from the default value "0" (moving time disable, working with the limit switches) to the value such as "350" -moving time 35 Seconds for the 2 meters Drop roller blind, you need to make sure a slightly longer moving time for complete opening or complete closing than real moving time limited by the motor's electronic limit switch to avoid the motor to stop early before it reaches its limit position, the roller blind will stop at the limit position which is set up via the way of tubular motor before reaching the moving time parameter setting, then you can start to set up the limit position of the tubular motor via the switch or the Z-Wave controller.

After you finish the limit positions setting, you can return the Parameter No 74 value setting to default setting " 0 ", then you can do the auto calibration for the module on the Z-wave controller, set the valve setting of parameter No 78 to value "1 ", the blinds will start to do auto calibration automatically, after you finish the auto calibration setting, the valve setting of parameter No 78 is better to return to Value" 0 ", and then the Z-wave controller will know the blind exactly position and you can control the blind to open or close to the position you want through just slid the bar to the position you want on the Z-wave controller UI.

Meanwhile you can change the parameter No.76 setting- Motor operation detection as well, you can change it from the default value setting 30 ( 30W ) to value 10 ( 10W )- the real motor's power consumption, so based on this value, the device will know, that the shutters reached the limit switches. You might take 2 or 3 time to change parameter setting and save to be success for changing default value.
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We provide 3 Years wanrantty for all of our Curtain Motors and  Tubular Motors and 1 year wanrantty for the Z-Wave moudule. 

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