Curtain Motor KT82TV

Curtain Motor KT82TV
This curtain motor model KT82TV provides not only all of 82TN's functions,but also it provides more control functions which can be fully integrated with the leading home automation systems to suit your different smart home control system's need.

•built-in receiver which you can use handheld RF remote control,
•dry contact socket ( External Switch Interface) which you can use the phone cable to connect to the weak electric switch(low voltage switch), Such as DC246 Switch. Any home automation system that has dry contact output (ie low voltage relay capability) will work with this switch.
•5 wires power cable which you can use external strong electric switch (hard wired manual switch) such as DC 865A double button pushbutton switch or DC 866A double-button interlock switch to control curtain to open or close if you don't just want the handheld remote control, then you might connect it with the different kind of compatible module which can be integrated with the home automation systems.
•RS485 communication control function,
•you can also use the Hotel Card to control the operation through its strong electric switch hotel connection mode.

New stocks have arrived, you can choose the 82TV model of curtain motor instead of 82TN model for $20 extra. For the extra $20.00 ,it would give you the feature which it can be connected to the Home Automation system such as Z-wave controller.

Our Qubino Flush Shutter Z-Wave plus module works quite well with this 82TV five wire curtain motor, although it can not do auto calibration due to the 82TV has electronic limit switch doesn't like the mechanic limit switch which it can be fully compatible with the module, but this module has 14 additional parameters for expert users, you can change the parameter No. 74 default value "0" (moving time disable, working with Z-Wave module limit switch) to a slightly longer moving time for complete opening or complete closing than real moving time limited by the motor's electronic limit switch, the curtain will stop at the limit position before to reach the moving time parameter setting, then the module relay will switch off after defined time. Meanwhile you can change the parameter No.76 setting as well, enter the real motor's power. You might take 2 or 3 time to change parameter setting and save to success changing default value.

Oue Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 Module can work with this 82TV 5 wires curtain motors without major problem, we found most of people in the world said Fibaro roller shutter 2 module can not control 82TV curtain motor, the movement of opening or closing only last about 1 second and travels very short distance, we found the solution, the reason causes this problem is because the 82TV default switch setting is for Bi-stable (Toggle ) Switches, and Fibaro send the pulse signal to Q1 or Q2 , the pulse signal only last very short period, so the curtain motor can only move very short distance, so the first thing you need to do is set the curtain motor like usually: set up the RF handheld remote, set the open and close limit position by the 82TV motor itself, and then you should follow the 82TV motor's instruction to use the remote to change the motor's switch mode from the factory default setting ( Bi-stable) to Monostable ( Momentary ) switch mode, the other thing is because the 82TV motor has electronic memory limit position function itself, you can not do auto Calibration through Z-Wave module or the main controller, you can click and control the curtain open, close and stop, but you could not know the exactly position of the curtain moving and you can not set the curtain opening or closing percentage through the main controller UI as well, the Icon on the UI only can show fully open or fully close.

Please note, if you choose 82TV curtain motor, you have to combine with DC865A switch or DC866A switch and DC68 switch flush box to use together, we recommend you to use DC865A (Momentary) Switch to work with the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 , if you don't want to control this motor through Z-Wave module, then we recommend you to use DC866A Bi-stable switch, please check the other product listings for more informations.
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We provide 3 Years wanrantty for the Curtain Motor.

  • Soft start (allowing you to manually pull the curtain and the motor takes over)
  • Resistance stop (stops the motor if it senses an obstruction).  This is a safety feature but also is used to automatically stop the motor when it reaches the end of it's travel
  • Manual operation - when there is no mains power you can still pull the curtains manually
  • Built in radio control - 433MHz receiver built in.
  • Built in Transformer - you can plug this into both 240V and 110V supplies
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Strong Electric Switch control
  • RS485 Control

Safety Curtain Weight : 50KG

Rated Power : 13W

Open/Close Speed : 20cm/s

Rated Voltage : 100~240V

Rated Torque : 1.2Nm

Track Length : Less then 12m

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