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  • A. You probably just need one. You can choose according to your requirements between a single channel or multi channel remote control. The remote control's emission frequency is 433.90 MHz and the emission distance is 200m for outdoors and 35m for indoors, so we advise if your house is quite large (2 storied house) and have many rooms, it's better to use two remote controls (emitter) which you can use for each level.

    You can have as many as you like for your own convenience.
  • A. Lithium ion battery technology has improved a lot, it's used in many of products we interact with every day now, such as smartphones, laptops, powered tools, battery-powered vehicles etc, The capacity of our iSW Li-ion rechargeable batteries - iSW25LE, ISW28LE and iSW82LE are 2.2Ah, 2,6Ah and 4.4 Ah respectively, they are estimated to operate 500 up/down or 500 open/close cycles once fully charged for a normal size of roller blind or curtain. Although they might last more than 6 months per charge, we strongly suggest for you to recharge the Li-ion battery every 6 months to maintain the Li-ion battery in good performance.

    The lifetime of our iSW Li-ion battery is around 500 recharges. Although the batteries will degrade slowly over time, we will give you 3 year warranty for our tubular motors and curtain motors that includes the Li-ion rechargeable battery since our iSW Lithium Ion battery technology is proven, reliable and can be trusted.

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