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  • New Style of motorised curtain track ( Wave Fold motorised curtain track ) coming soon
    New Style of motorised curtain track ( Wave Fold motorised curtain track ) will arrive in stock before the Christmas.
    The wave fold curtain or also called S Fold curtain or Ripple Fold Curtain is becoming more popular recently , it will give you more modern, unique and a versatile look compared to the Pinch pleated curtain, the wave fold curtain is created through carrier spacing and heading tape ( snap tape) , it looks gentle, continuous fold drapery from begin to end of track, it doesn't like the pinch pleated curtain which have a heavy or stackable look.
    Despite of these, we decide to introduce this new wavefold motorised curtain track to New Zealand, but of cause, for those customers who already have traditional pinch pleated curtain and want to motorise the track, then you still need to order the original old style motorised curtain track.
    Posted: Friday 1 November 2019
  • Lithium ion battery technology has improved a lot, it's proven in many of products we interact with every day now, such as smartphones, laptops, Li-ion battery powered tools, battery-powered vehicles etc, the capacity of our iSW Li-ion rechargeable battery iSW25LE, ISW28LE and iSW82LE are 2.2Ah, 2,6Ah and 4.4 Ah respectively, they are estimated to operate 500 up/down or 500 open/ close cycles once fully charged for normal size of roller blind or curtain, although they might last more than 6 months, but we strongly suggest and require you to recharge the Li-ion battery every 6 months to maintain the Li-ion battery in good performance, secondly you need to use our iSW brand matched battery charger other than other brand charger.
    The lifetime of our iSW Li-ion battery is it can be recharge around 500 times, the batteries do degrade slowly over time, we offer you 3 years warranty for our tubular motors and curtain motors includes the Li-ion rechargeable battery since our iSW Lithium Ion battery technology is proven, reliable and can be trusted.
    Posted: Tuesday 23 July 2019
  • The new iSW25LE/S -1.1/40 model Li-ion rechargeable battery powered tubular motor will arrive in stock in early of next month.

    The new iSW25LE/S -1.1/40 model Li-ion rechargeable battery powered tubular motor has the feature which is called Status Feedback, the motor can feedback the status of the roller blind's position via RF, it means if you have the DD7002B WIFI bridge (Hub), then this bi-directional communication ensures you can always keep track of your roller blinds position when you open your smartphone App, of cause you can do percentage control your roller blind as well.
    Posted: Wednesday 10 July 2019

    Musk's home also has a cook's kitchen, an integrated security and audio system and automated shades. That's basic and essential elements of Home automation about, that's what we are doing right now too.
    Posted: Tuesday 25 June 2019
  • We have two model of curtain motor can be connected with Z-wave module, they are iSW82TS 4 wires motor and iSW72TV 5 wires motor, the wires connection for both motors are similar and easy, both motors have their own advantages and disadvantages.

    The advantage of 82TS motor is can do auto calibration when you configure your Z-Wave controller, so you can do percentage controlling and know the curtain position, the disadvantages of iSW82TS motor is it's just basic standard model of curtain motor, so it has less functions like pull touch-start and it can not be controlled by remote etc.

    The advantage of 72TV model is it has more function than 82TS, you can control the curtain by remote and you can pull the curtain to start over the motor, but the disadvantage is it can not do auto calibration through Z-Wave controller, so you don't know the curtain position and you only can fully open or close and stop the curtain. Meanwhile 72TV motor looks better and is new model, the components of the motor and the track are better, so of cause the iSW72TV motor and track are more expensive than
    iSW82TS curtain motor and curtain track.

    Meanwhile their parameter setting of Z-Wave controller are slightly different for this two motors, please refer to our Fibaro Z-Wave roller shutter 2 module to compare the difference between them.
    Posted: Wednesday 12 June 2019
  • New WiFi Curtain Motor iSW72TV/W finally arrived in stock now.
    The WiFi Curtain Motor iSW72TV/W is most advantage curtain motor, it's best value as well.
    It not only has almost all of the features of 72TV curtain motor, but also you can use your smartphone without the Hub to control it remotely anywhere in the world and you can set the timer and scene, and it is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Meanwhile you can do percentage controlling and you can know the curtain position as well. You can say it ticks all of boxes, for those customer who don't want spend the money on Hub ( WIFI bridge ), it's the best buy.
    Posted: Tuesday 11 June 2019
  • All of our iSW built in receiver tubular motors and remotes are compatible with Trust Smart Home controller ICS-2000
    Just like we have mentioned in early Blog, all of our iSW built in receiver tubular motors and remotes are fully compatible with Trust Smart Home controller ICS-2000, the model of these tubular motors are iSW25TE, iSW25LE, iSW28LE and iSW25CE.

    The Trust Smart Home controller ICS-2000 not only can control the Somfy RTS type tubular motor, but also it can control all of our iSW Brand built in receiver tubular motors. Since most of our tubular motors can add another 433 MHz remote after you set up a remote with tubular motor, the method of adding another new remote is exactly the same with the method of adding a device of Trust smart home hub, you can choose through the GAMMA (TrenDIY/Brel) brand not Somfy, choose wireless blind, then just press twice of P2 button on the back of our existing remote and then click the Connect button on the Trust smart home app, then you can start to control your our brand of motorised roller blind through the Trust smart home app now. For more information of the Trust smart home hub, you can check:

    Most importantly, the Trust control station ICS-2000 can integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google home now.
    Posted: Monday 18 March 2019
  • There are mainly two new products which will arrive late of next month. These two products are iSW DT82TS curtain motor and iSW DJ51TS Actuator (Window Opener).

    The iSW DT82TS is for those customer who wants to connect it with Z-Wave Roller shutter module such as Fibaro RS2 module, the iSW DT82TS is fully compatible with Fibaro RS2, so it would be good for those customer wants to control the motorised curtain through Z-Wave controller.

    The iSW DJ51TS is pretty much a new product which we have never had them for sale before, it is for those customer who wants the window opener in a good price.
    Posted: Wednesday 20 February 2019
  • New products arrived.
    After finishing Christmas and New Year Holiday, we are returning to work now.
    We will start to list all of our new product we received before holiday to our website now, they include seraval new single, double and 15 channel remote control and one of new WiFi curtain motor,
    Meanwhile from now on, we will start to make all of the motorised curtain track locally in New Zealand,
    it means we can make up to 5.65m maximal length motorised curtain track in one single piece without the jointer for the Auckland region customer ( need to pick up only ) , but for those urban areas other than Auckland, then we can make the maximal length would be 2.3m without the jointer and 1.4m maximal length for rural areas due to courier's size restrictions.
    For those customer who choose iSW DT72EN and iSW DT72TV/W curtain motors, you need the DT72 type of track, then we are going to use very high quality components ( like component showed in the picture) to make this kind of curtain track, we will only charge this kind of track for 12% more than the DT82 type of track.
    Posted: Saturday 19 January 2019
  • We have just started the Christmas and New Year Holiday period today.

    Very fortunately, we have received the latest shipment of the new products yesterday.

    Firstly, we have the 5.5m length curtain track now, meaning we can make the maximum 5.65m length motorised curtain track in one piece here in New Zealand for our Auckland area customers from the middle of January next year.
    Secondly, we now have WiFi Curtain motor iSW DT72TV/W, you can control the WiFi Curtain track directly without any extra device via the App which is called "connector" app. You can set the timer or remote control the curtain anywhere in the world.

    This means we have a very wide range of curtain motors to meet different customer's requirements now. We will bring in the iSW DT82TS curtain motor to work with the Z-Wave controller next year.

    We wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Posted: Thursday 6 December 2018
  • All of the custom made order cannot be placed now until the middle of January of 2019. We can still carry on the consultation,measurement and free quotation for our customer before we start the holiday on early of December, but we only can process the order after the middle of the January of 2019.

    You can still purchase other products include the ready made motorised curtain tracks (products only, no installation) from our website until 30th of November, in our holiday period, all of buy buttons will be removed from our website.
    Posted: Monday 19 November 2018
  • 82TS curtain motor are fully compatible with Fibaro Roller shutter 2 Z-wave module without of any issue. We have tested all of Fibaro RS2 , Qubino Flush shutter and TBK roller shutter controller with 82TS curtain motor before, sometimes we confused each other, now we can confirm the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 Z-Wave module is fully compatible, the other two are not. So from now on, if you want to use the Z-Wave module to control the motorised curtain track, we will recommend you to use the 82TS 4 wires standard curtain motor with Fibaro RS2 module, it can do auto calibration and position controlling through the Z-Wave controller.
    Programing and setting are pretty simple and easy:
    1, Q1 of the Z-Wave module should connect to the black colour wire on the 82TS motor, Q2 should connect to the Brown colour wire on the motor, to make sure the moving direction will match the direction on the interface of the Z-Wave controller ;
    2, To set up the limit position, click the open (up) button on the interface of the Z-Wave controller, the tackle will hit the side edge once, then click the close (down) button, for the two way curtain track, the two tackle will hit each other in the middle of the track, for the one way track, the tackle will hit the other side edge once, then the 82TS will remember the limit position automatically;
    3, Click calibration button on the interface of Z-Wave controller, the motorised curtain track will automatically fully open, fully close and fully open again. All done, it's pretty simple.
    4, In case of the power blackout, then if you pull the tackle by hand or you remove the motor from the track, move the tackle, the limit position will be changed, then you need to reset the limit position again,
    you just need to click the open and close button a couple times, the limit position will be set up again, carry on number 3 step again, then it will be all good again.

    By the way, there is another good news, as you know the Trust Smart Home controller ICS-2000 can control the Somfy RTS type tubular motor, since most of our tubular motor can add another 433 MHz remote after you set up a remote with tubular motor, the method of adding another remote is exactly the same with the method of adding a device of Trust smart home hub, you can choose through the GAMMA (TrenDIY/Brel) brand not Somfy, just press twice of P2 button on the back of our existing remote and then click the Connect button on the Trust smart home app,then you can start to control your our brand of motorised roller blind through the Trust smart home app now. For more information of the Trust smart home hub, you can check:
    The Trust control station ICS-2000 can integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google home now.
    Posted: Friday 9 November 2018
  • Due to an holiday from early December to early January 2019, the last date orders will be accepted will be the 19th of November 2018. We will start accepting orders again from the 15th of January 2019.
    Although we won't be accepting or processing any orders during this period, you are still welcome you to send any emails for inquiries. We will answer your questions and reply to your email as soon as possible.
    Posted: Tuesday 16 October 2018
  • Using Multi Port passive PoE Injector and POE splitter to supply DC12V or DC24V power to our iSW DM25DB and iSW DM25CE tubular motors
    How to supply the DC power to our iSW DM25DB 24V and iSW DM25CE 12V tubular motors, for the single individual user, there are many solution, you can use our DC1686A single-channel DC RF Receiver for DM25DB motor, you can use 12V power adaptor or 12V Rechargeable Battery Wand DC224G for DM25CE motor, but if you need to supply DC power to multi DC tubular motors, there is another way to achieve this, it's easy, convenient ,cost effective and very practical and effective particularly for the new build home which this solution not only can supply the DC power, but also it help you to pre wire the Network Data cables to every room.

    AS you know, we can send the power over Ethernet (PoE), basically it uses wires 4, 5 are positive and 7, 8 are negative or ground as positive and negative of the power supply and the other 4 wires carry data (1,2,3,6), both of our iSW DM25DB and iSW DM25CE are non-PoE standard devices, so we have to use passive PoE Injector or passive PoE Switch ,you can't use active PoE one.
    There are some good product we can use, the good example is:

    This product doesn't come with External Power Supply, so you need to according to your requirement to choose the power supply. Because the rated current of both of our iSW DM25DB and iSW DM25CE motor are less than 1A, and the rated power are 9.7W and 10W, so for the 12V one, we can choose 12V 8A power adaptor and 24V one, we can choose 24V 4A power adaptor would be fine. If you are going to supply the DC power to different room (location) and you don't need to operate all of 8 tubular motors in the same time, then you can just choose the less power PoE kits or less power External Power Supply, that would be fine, such as: you can use :

    TO operate with our iSW DM25DB 24V motor, of course due to 25DB motor hasn't built in receiver, then you can combine it with our Qubino Flush Shutter DC Z-Wave Plus DC power roller blinds controller or our DC128 Single manual switch to control the tubular motor.

    For the new build home, you can sent the Network Ethernet Cable ( Cat6 cable) from this Multi Port passive PoE Injector which you can install it in the Network Enclosure to every location which you need to supply the DC power to the motor, these location can be a network data wall switch which the PoE splitter Lan port will connect to, from there, you need to pre wire a Twin Core Wire 0.5mm2 (20AWG) cable from the wall switch to the top corner of the window frame. The advantage of this is it not only supply the DC power to the DC motor, but also provide you the extra Lan Port for your wired network, the downside of this is it only provide you 10/100 megabit Data speed at the moment. The other way is you can pre wire the network data cable ( Cat5E cable would be alright) to the top corner of the window frame, it will provide you DC power directly after the PoE splitter, in this case, you do not need to put both of the Cat5E cables into the Lan port of the Injector and Lan port of the Splitter.

    You can simply use Multi Port passive PoE Injector and POE splitter to supply DC12V or DC24V power to our iSW DM25DB and iSW DM25CE tubular motors like they can supply the power to IP Cameras, IP Phones, WiFi Access Points via PoE. It's low voltage DC project, you simply can DIY.
    Posted: Friday 12 October 2018
  • Good news: WiFi Bridge DD7002B can integrate with Google Home now.
    Follow the success of DD7002B integrate with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, WiFi Bridge DD7002B can integrate with Google Home just now.
    You can just go to Home Control of the Google Home app, add device from there, you can find " Connector ", then you enter your connector account name and password, Google Home will automatically link with your connector together, find all of your motorised curtains, roller blinds and WiFi curtain and scene from the connector app. It's very easy and pretty straightforward.
    Posted: Sunday 7 October 2018
  • New arrived Smart control hub-WIFI Bridge DD7002B
    We are pretty lucky we are pretty much the first company to source this product in the world, there are a lot of interesting from all over the world since we put this product on our website, even in oversea smarthome forum, they mentioned this product on our website oftenly, sadly at the moment, we are only considering to provide this product to our New Zealand customers.
    Posted: Tuesday 2 October 2018
  • The shipment of the new products have finally arrived today, due to the Auckland Port accident about three weeks ago, our shipment have been delay to be delivered.
    The range of the new products which arrived today are three different kinds of curtain motors: new iSW 82LE Li ion battery power curtain motor, new iSW72EN 75W 100Kg load-bearing capacity most powerful curtain motor and iSW 82TN curtain motor. New iSW28LEQ built in Li ion battery powered 2.0Nm tubular motor and several new remote control. We will start slowly to put these new products together with the new WIFI Bridge Hub which arrived in a couple days ago on our website from now on, Please keep on watching.
    Posted: Wednesday 19 September 2018
  • A new revolutionary smart control hub-WIFI Bridge coming soon (Arrived now)
    A new revolution smart control hub-WIFI Bridge will arrive in stock soon.
    As our most of curtain motors and tubular motors contain built in 433MHz RF receiver, as you know we usually use the Broadlink RM PRO hub to control the motor remotely or set the timing to control via download e-control app to your smartphone or tablet, the disadvantage of Broadlink RM Pro Hub is if you want to voice control the motor via Amazon Alexa or Google Home, then you only can use the Android smart devices, you can't use the iphone or ipad, meanwhile the communication between the Broadlink Hub and the motor is one way not two way, it means the Broadlink can't know the motor's operating status, like open or close, up or down.
    A new revolutionary smart home hub-WIFI bridge will works with our iSmart Window system those have built in 433 MHz RF receiver, it can integrate with the Amazon Alexa ( works now ) and Google Home (works soon), the communications between the WIFI Bridge and the motor are two way, we can know the status of the motor's operating form the app. It's very easy to set up and simple to use. The downside of this WIFI Bridge compare to Broadlink is it works only with our iSmarwindow system or Dooya motorised curtain, roller blind and shutter etc those contain built in 433 MHz RF receiver or WIFI module , the other disadvantage is it's more expensive than Broadlink RM Pro Hub.

    Please note: The WiFi bridge is compatible with the Google Home now.
    Posted: Friday 27 July 2018
  • New range of products will come in soon.

    There are two built-in Lithium-ion Battery Motors coming soon, one is iSW 82LE Model curtain motor, there are alway some customers said there are some difficult to install a powerpoint rearby the the curtain motor, meanwhile it would cost you quite a lot of money if you call the electrician to come and get hard wire and install a powerpoint or permanent connection unit, so iSW82LE built in Li-ion Battery curtain motor would well solve your problems like that. It's not only convenience to install completely bu DIY, but also the whole motorised track would look better as no hard wire around the motor. The Li-ion battery capacity is 4AH, the motor will run 10 to 12 months ( 350 time open and close) once fully charged, so it's convenient to use as well.
    Another new coming built-in Lithium-ion battery motor is iSW 28 LEQ-2NM/28 RPM tubular motor, our existing built-in Li-ion battery tubular motor is iSW25LE-1.1/40, the different between these two built-in motor are new iSW28LEQ-2.0/28 is quiet and low noise model and more powerful ( 2.0Nm rated torque ), so it can drive larger or longer drop roller blinds, or we can use one iSW28LEQ-2.0/28 tubular motor to drive two roller blinds ( two in one type ) in some cases due to its 2.0 N.m rated torque, so you just need to use one solar panel to charge the motor as well for the very high window in this case.

    There is one quite important product will come in soon is iSW72EN-75/20 model curtain motor, it's most powerful curtain motor,its rated power is 75w and its safety curtain weight is 100kg, it's one times than our current model 82TN ( 50Kg safety curtain weight ) , so for those U type tracks and very long tracks, we would recommend to use iSW72EN motor, it's not only more powerful, but also many of its component used are very high quality , so it's high end model.

    After our new products arrive, our whole product range will meet your almost all of motorised curtain and motorised roller blind need.

    Finally, we will start to make and build almost all of the motorised curtain tracks in New Zealand locally from August, we will provide the motorised curtain track in one piece in most cases ( do not need to be cut into two or more pieces like before) to the Auckland customer if we provide installation, it means the whole track will not only looks more slim, but also the whole track will move more smoothly and save more time to install the track. We can provide longest 2.4 meters length per piece track to New Zealand other urban areas apart from the Auckland. We only can provide longest length 1.5m per piece track for the rural customer due to courier companies parcel size restrictions.

    iSmart Window will start and write new chapter from August. 2018.
    Posted: Sunday 1 July 2018
  • WE start to run current promotions on 10/04/2018, some of items have huge 50% discount such as Amazon Echo ( 1st Generation ) etc. Meanwhile we will have more and more Onkyo and KEF AV Equipments on sale now, please send me your inquiry for them, we will give you as best as possible price.
    Posted: Wednesday 11 April 2018
  • New stocks of iSW DM25CE-1.5/32 Low power consumption DC tubular motor have arrived.
    We have received the new stocks of the iSW DM25CE-1.5/32 DC12V tubular motor today, firstly, it's a Low power consumption DC Tubular Motor; secondly, you can use the power of either 12V Rechargeable Battery wand ( Pole) DC224G (10 pcs of AA Li rechargeable battery not included ) or DC1562AU 12V 2A Power Adaptor directly, so you don't need to call the electrician; thirdly, it comes with new design switch limit head which can fitts most of New Zealand roller blind brackets; fourthly, although this motor looks smaller than the 25TE and 25LE tubular motor, but it's quite powerful, the rated torque reaches 1.5 Nm, so it can drive quite large roller blind; fifthly, it can be suitable for the roller blinds using in the caravan.
    It's the roller blind motorisation can be done by DIY completely.
    Posted: Thursday 23 November 2017

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