New shipment will arrived around end of May 2021

Due to international supply chain and shipping delays broaden issues, some customers might be aware our stock level of some model of tubular motors and curtain motors are quite low or sold out, particularly the manufacturer lacked the RF Bi-directional chips , they can not supply the Bi-Directional model anymore recently, but we are lucky enough, since we ordered quite earlier, so we will still get them and our new shipment will finally arrive in the few days now, the new shipment will include iSW25LEQ/S-1.1/20 Li-ion rechargeable battery Bi-directional tubular motors, iSW25TE/S-1.5/32 AC mains powered Bi-directional tubular motors and iSW72TV/W WiFi curtain motors. These three models all are very popular models, iSW25TE/S-.15/32 will replace the old iSW25TE/L model. the difference between them is iSW25TE/S is bi-directional model which it can feedback the tubular motor's status and can do percentage control etc.

Posted: Mon 24 May 2021