More new products coming in 2 months.

Currently our motors are mainly controlled by RF signal. All the motors contain built-in RF receivers inside - it's low cost, easy, very stable and efficient. However, some customers already have their own home automation system in place, like Z-wave, so we decided to bring in more products to give the consumer more choice.

This includes two more models of DC tubular motors. One is a 24V DC power supply tubular motor which can be controlled by wall switch or by Z-wave control system via combining with our Qubino Z-wave shutter blind module (DC).  The another is a 12V DC low power consumption tubular motor which can connect with our power adaptor DC1562AU or 12V rechargeable battery pole DC224G. The rechargerable battery pole DC224G can be recharged by our DC1563AU battery charger or DC683B 12V Solar Panel charger.

Meanwhile we will bring in new DC114M dry contact power emitters which have a AC 220V dry contact switch output, you can connect the Z-wave shutter blind module to this input to control dry contact switch and operate, then send the RF signal to the built-in receiver motor. It will give you the opportunity to control the motorised roller blind up or down by the Z-Wave controller or other smart home system, meanwhile you still can keep and use the RF remote to control.

The other good news is for customers who want brand new motorised roller blinds, there are more and more roller blind manufacturers using 45mm aluminum tube to replace the normal 38mm tube for good reasons. So now we will have the new designed and factory made drive wheel adaptor to suit the 45mm tube's needs, we will give the customer who orders the new custom made motorised roller blinds these new drive wheel adaptors free of charge.

The Another very good news is the slots in the limited switch head of these two model of tubular motors will be suitable for the size of the New Zealand market roller blind bracket now, so they will be much easier to be installed than 25TE or 25LE model.

The new products will mostly come in stock in early October, so please keep an eye on our website.

Posted: Mon 21 Aug 2017