DC1288H Indoor Solar Charge Panel

DC1288H Indoor Solar Charge Panel
This DC1288H indoor solar charge panel has a micro-USB plug, it can use the renewable solar energy to charge the 12V wireless blinds motor with built in Li-ion rechargeable battery which has micro-USB port like iSW25LEU/S motor.

When we use this DC1288H solar charge panel to charge iSW25LEU/S battery powered blinds motor, we will see the LED light flashing when it is charging the built in Li-ion battery od the motor.

Ideal for areas where access to traditional power outlets or wiring may be a challenge and for hard-to-reach windows which is difficult to plug in the electric charger.

Working Voltage: 5V
Open circult vltage: 6.3V
Working Curreeent: 606mA
Short-current : 659mA
Power: 3W
Waterproof graade: IP55
Size: 400mm X 50mm X 2.5mm
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